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Review My Hotel is an informative website which focuses on luxury Hotels in London and surrounding areas. The idea came from passion of spending time in Hotel Bars and trying out all the many deals that 5 star hotels have to offer. An immense love for interior design added to it too and the ever so important factor of ‘good service’ which most London luxury hotels seem to be doing just right. However some don’t and this is how this idea of ‘hotel reviews’ has come to live. We do not only review hotel rooms, we review anything within the hotel from cleanliness of bathroom to the state of the walls and food.

London has one of the best selections of luxury Hotels, not only due to the old fashioned stunning exterior of most buildings, but also because London is a world-capital and we have the privilege of having the biggest names out here. Review My Hotel is the destination for people who want to visit London but aren’t quiet sure which Hotel to visit, stay at or simply dine at.

We offer different categories and mainly focus on the communal areas that are accessible for any visitor and not just hotel guests such as the restaurants, bars, bathrooms, lobbies and outside space. We do provide information on rooms and publish any experiences our customers have had. If you wish to leave a review about a hotel you visited, please contact us here. We will review and if it meets our guidelines we will publish it and notify you 😊

Review My Hotel consist of passionate individuals who have years of experience within hospitality,  interior design, service, food, wine, decoration and much more. We always strive for more and applications for participants are always welcome, just email us for more information.

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