The American Bar – Vintage White Lady Cocktail

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Vintage White Lady Cocktail

The American Bar

The American Bar at the Savoy Hotel in London takes you back in time not only due to the way it is decorated but also because of it’s ambiente. The piano player plays and sings classics most evenings throughout the week and the dim light atmosphere makes you feel as though you are back in the 1920’s. The piano player plays anything from Frank Sinata to Michael Jackson to Spice Girls – request a song and he will play it and give it his own note. IF you are wondering what to order in such a classical, elegant bar then we can only recommend the white lady cocktail. Cocktails cost around £20 but the vintage version cost £120 due to its vintage gin. It is the American Bar’s most famous drink. It has a vintage twist with 1950’s Gordon gin and 1970’s Cointreau which makes it so pricey. This drink is simply spectacular – it is refreshing and although it is strong – you do not feel it. Close your eyes and it will take you to a fresh place surrounded with lemon trees.

vintage white lady cocktail

Vintage White Lady Cocktail Ingredients

You will need a cocktail shaker, a martini glass, an egg, 1970’s Cointreau, 1950’s Gordon gin, fresh lemon juice and ice.

When looking at the ingredients of the white lady you probably wonder whether this may not turn out a little strong and sour.. It will if you use fresh lemon juice which you freshly squeezed right before and this is due to the fact that lemons are sour at first. The trick is to freshly squeeze lemons the night before ( a whole bunch of them if you work in a bar or are intending to make several cocktails) and to leave it in a bottle for at least 10 hours in the fridge. The lemon juice will develop its own natural sweetness which will take the edge off.


If you follow that rule then you white lady cocktail will taste perfectly fine. However, if you are in a rush or making this white lady cocktail spontaneously, then here is how to get the rid of the sour taste: Add a dash of agave nectar to the mix. Make sure you do not add to much as this could ruin the taste, unless you love it extra sweet.


Another recommendation: If you want the egg white to be a little silky and foamy, then you should firmly shake the cocktail without ice to mix it and add ice at the end and then shake with the ice, softly before poring the white  lady into the Martini glass. It is best served if you keep the glass in the freezer for a bit beforehand.


If you would like to decorate the white lady – the most appropriate wat would be with lemon peel, you can either shave this so it curls and add to the border of your drink or you can just lightly twist a piece and drop it into the drink (make sure it isn’t a huge chunk though as this will take away the elegance of the physical aspect of the white lady cocktail)

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